T'ena Foundation was created by student activists heavily involved in the medical field as well as activism in their everyday lives. T'ena is a lifestyle, a wholesome way to live and be productive as a community while eradicating health disparities one person at a time. 

Join one of our many opportunities to give back to the community. To not only be a part of the change but also understand the systematics behind the need to do something. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and follow the changes it makes in so many lives including your own. Our hygiene products are packaged and filled with love by our volunteers along with, clothes and socks. We throw a party when we package to celebrate the fight against injustices as one. 

These products are then donated to our partner shelters, driven to high vulnerable neighborhoods, and left in car trunks so we can always be prepared to give someone a hygiene kit if necessary. 

Everyone thinks about doing things at one time or another. It is time to actually step up and make a difference. When you serve the underserved population you start feeling like you’re more human than ever before.

It is easier to understand that their lives are not as simple as people make them seem, they’re just having a bad time. 

Give back, give yourself, because charity brings clarity. 

Thank You